The digitization of our everyday lives is associated with new opportunities that seem to be available to all users in the same way. Large segments of the population were able to benefit from location-independent exchange, new educational access or numerous free services, not least during the Corona pandemic. Does this mean that digitization is also the tool that can empower the disadvantaged sections of the population in particular? In the context of growing social inequality, this question seems particularly relevant in Germany. With a view to the hidden costs of participation, the lecture draws attention to the opposite: contrary to the prevailing euphoria surrounding the numerous digital possibilities, it is becoming apparent that in the emerging data economy it is precisely the disadvantaged segments of the population that will be confronted with far-reaching restrictions. Afterwards, the audience will be invited to share their own impressions and engage in a joint conversation.

PD Dr. Jörg Scheffer teaches and researches as a geographer at the University of Passau on digital spaces and the social implications of digitalization, among other topics.

Location: Event room Uni Live – Campus meets City, access via Gr. Klingergasse 2a, Passau.
Time: Saturday, November 11, 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Admission free