Already in ancient Greece, philosophizing was done in a group and not least by walking (“peripatos”) or in public places (“agora”). This old tradition shall be taken up and renewed in a small group by a common walk to selected places in the old town of Passau. The places are to be perceived and deliberately “considered” in political, aesthetic or ecological terms: What does the town hall square stand for – and what should it stand for? What impressions are created by the strong contrast of the dynamic rivers and the cathedral? How would the atmosphere in the old town change acoustically and visually – if we got rid of the car traffic? In a dialogical exchange about this, democracy, which also has its origin in Athens (“polis”), becomes philosophically alive. Quotations, poems, anecdotes, among other things, serve as specific impulses. A technical expertise is not necessary, only the engagement in the shared situation, in which new perspectives on familiar places of our everyday life are to be gained. Everyone is welcome as a “flaneur”!

Dr. Florian Wobser teaches and researches as a philosopher with a focus on didactics at the University of Passau, among other things on performative aspects of philosophizing in public.

Meeting place: Fountain at the Residenzplatz, Passau
Time: Saturday, November 11, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Admission free